India, india has 1 071 cases of the coronavirus of whom 29 have died the health ministry said on monday the numbers are small. With the country in lockdown because of coronavirus deep social inequalities have been exposed more sharply than ever, the crowds kept fleeing on sunday march 29 as thousands of migrant workers tried to escape from india's capital new delhi. The nationwide shutdown in india because of coronavirus has left some of the world's biggest outsourcing companies racing to, coronavirus covid 19 outbreak around the world. People from northeastern india who often resemble chinese or east asians are increasingly reporting acts of bias directed, work and wages dried up after india declared a 21 day lockdown with four hours notice on the midnight of 24 march to prevent.

Indian prime minister narendra modi asked the nation's poor for forgiveness on sunday as the economic and human toll from, good morning we're covering the effects of india's lockdown on the most vulnerable populations an awakening among china's. Many of india's 1 3 billion citizens and hungry tens of thousands of migrant labourers have been forced to walk hundreds of, the modi government has established 10 different empowered groups to ensure proper implementation measures a medical.

Especially when i look at my poor brothers and sisters i definitely feel that they must be thinking what kind of prime

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